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Cloud Migration: A Strategy For Success

Live Webinar



Thurs, March 3rd
12:30 – 1:15pm GMT
Virtual Event

    Cloud adoption is no longer a question of ‘if’ but ‘when’ for UK companies across all sectors.

    The pandemic has played a key role in accelerating cloud uptake and the cloud is becoming a competitive imperative. We know that the cloud is central to creating the most agile, secure and cost-effective businesses. But everyone is still at different stages of the cloud journey, and every organisation, and every industry has different and unique challenges.

    Our recent research Taking your team on the cloud journey, explored the progress that has been made so far in cloud adoption and migration, as well as key challenges and barriers to further adoption.

    James Carnie
    Chief Technology Officer, Mobilise

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    Elizabeth Codling
    Data Analyst, Mobilise

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    Garreth Davies
    Cloud Solutions Architect, Mobilise

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    Claudio Simone
    Marketing Manager

    James Carnie
    Chief Technology Officer


    Elizabeth Codling
    Data Analyst

    Garreth Davies
    Cloud Solutions Architect

    Guest Client
    Talk through Cloud Adoption

    In This Webinar:

    • Share the findings of our latest research investigating cloud progress across the UK
    • Explore the common challenges to further cloud adoption and becoming Cloud Native
    • Look at training, communication and external support with cloud migration
    • Hear how Mobilise has supported companies like DVLA and Hodge Bank with Cloud adoption
    • Discuss how to build a Cloud Centre of Excellence
    • Look forward to 2022 and beyond, and how companies can rethink their cloud migration roadmap

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    Mobilise is a cloud-enablement consultancy service, delivering enterprise level development and cloud transformation using leading technology. Mobilise is cloud partner for Amazon Web Services and Azure, and some of our clients include DVLA, Arvato Bertelsmann, MoJ, CPS, OfS, GPA, Admiral, FAW, Hodge Bank, South London and Maudsley NHS Trust.

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    Have questions about becoming Cloud Native or want to attend this webinar, but perhaps don’t have a time slot? Let’s have an informal chat at a time to suit you.

    Webinar: Keynote Speaker Profiles

    James Carnie
    Chief Technology Officer, Mobilise

    With more than 20 years IT services experience, James has worked for Northrup Gruman, Johnson and Johnson and BT. He co-founded eLINIA Webservices in 2004 which later became part of Rackspace. In 2014 James co-founded Mobilise Cloud with the aim of helping Enterprise customers gain a competitive advantage by moving their workloads to the Public Cloud.

    Elizabeth Codling
    Senior Data Analyst, Mobilise

    Working primarily on report building in Power BI. She specialises in turning complex, often unstructured data into understandable insights for businesses. Elizabeth has worked on projects across several industries – from investment banking to waste management. Elizabeth is also a strong advocate for Diversity and Inclusion in businesses. 

    Garreth Davies
    Cloud Solutions Architect, Mobilise

    With more than 15 years’ expertise in the IT industry, Garreth has a wealth of knowledge in cloud native technologies. As an AWS certified Architect and Kubernetes administrator he helps central government and commercial firms with designing and building solutions for cloud migrations and containerisation.

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