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ElasticSearch Pricing


Thinking of using the ElasticSearch engine to increase your search efforts? ElasticSearch is suited to multiple use cases, offering rapid search across a variety of data types (including structured, unstructured, geo and metric), detailed indexing and scalable, in-depth analytics features whilst centrally storing your data.

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ElasticSearch Pricing: How much will ElasticSearch cost?

As with all software, both features and pricing are primary concerns when choosing a new product. Here we will discuss ElasticSearch, its features and what it will cost. 

ElasticSearch runs on a resource-based pricing model in which the cost of each subscription is calculated based on a number of components and with each component charged based on GB of Ram per hour. 

The cost of the subscription is based on the following:

  • Cloud provider
  • Cloud region
  • Elasticsearch nodes
  • Data nodes
  • High I/O
  • High storage
  • High CPU
  • High memory
  • Master node
  • Ingest node
  • Machine learning nodes
  • Kibana nodes
  • APM server
  • Instance size of each node (GB of RAM)
  • Number of availability zones


ElasticSearch provide a calculator tool in which you can work out an approximate cost of your desired plan

The amount of data in your system

Additional costs are also applied based on data storage and transfer. These costs are based on; Snapshot and Cloud Storage, Storage API requests and Data transfer – both in and out as well as between nodes. 

Some free allotment is included (up to 100GB per month) but additional charges are applied to the monthly billing automatically based on metered usage (in GB) over this limit. 

Does ElasticSearch store data long term?

When using ElasticSearch to store data, the data will be retained for as long as you need until you delete it. If you want to purge data from indices, you can easily manage this through using ElasticSearch’s Index Lifecycle Policies which will select indices that match your desired criteria (e.g how old they are or how much space it uses) and delete accordingly.

ElasticSearch Packages

ElasticSearch is available in 4 different package options – all available on a monthly or annual basis. 

Each Elastic Cloud Managed Service option is catered to the user needs – with more premium packages offering more advanced features and functionality. The Managed Service Accounts can be deployed on; Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure and AWS.

The Standard, Gold and Platinum Packages also come with a 14 Day Free Trial option so users can try the product without committing to a paid account.

Here we will discuss the individual packages, their benefits and pricing. 

ElasticSearch Standard Package

Price: From $16 per month

The ElasticSearch Standard Package is the most basic package of the 4. A starting point for small projects, the package includes: 

  • Core Elastic Stack Security Features
  • Elastic APM
  • App Search
  • Workplace Search
  • Canvas & Lens
  • Analytics including Searches, Clicks and Insights

The package includes Base Layer maps and 10 Raster Tile Zoom Level but does not include Vector Tile Zoom.  

In terms of collaboration, the Standard package offers Multi-user collaboration and Signed Search Keys as well as User Management features including Organizational groups and Native User Management. 

The Standard Package offers basic support in the form of 2 Support contracts and ticket-based support but does not include support coverage.

There are limited Machine Learning features included in this option but there are File Import Wizard and Data Visualiser included in the package as well as language identification.

What isn’t included?

As with any basic package, there are some features not included in the Standard Package that you will find in more premium packages. These include; Single Sign-on, Attribute-Based Access Control, Field and Document-level security and Custom Authentication/Authorisation. The package also excludes Stack Monitoring  Configurable retention policy and some client options including JDBC, ODBC and Tableau Connector. Custom Plugins are also not included in the package so anyone looking for higher levels of customization may need to consider a more advanced option. 

ElasticSearch Gold Package

Price: From $19 

The Gold Package option is suited to more advances and larger projects and offers an improvement on the Standard Package due to the additional features and dedicated support included. 

Whilst including all of the features of the Standard Package, the Gold Package option means Business Hour Support, with critical support response being as little as 4 hours up to 2 days for level 3 support queries. The Gold Package also offers 6 Support Contacts for users.

This option offers higher levels of customisation through custom plugin integration. The integration of Atlassian Jira is also available with the Gold Package for users who require this. 

There is also the extra inclusion of a Configurable Retention Policy as well as Alerting features including Kibana Actions (Email, Pager Duty, ServiceNow, Slack and Webhook).

In terms of Search and Analysis features, the Gold Package offers the addition of GeoShape Aggregation as well as extra data visualization options in the form of PDF and PNG reports. 

Elastic Maps Service features include Level 18 Raster Tile Zoom Level and Level 14 Vector Tile Zoom Level. 

ElasticSearch Platinum Package

Pricing: From $22 per Month

The Platinum Package again encompasses everything included in the Gold package but benefits from advanced functionality, increased security, machine learning and round the clock support. 

Increased security features of this option include Simple Sign-On (SAML, OpenID Connect, Kerbernos) as well as Attribute-based access control, field and document level security and custom authentication/authorisation realms.

The Platinum Package includes all alerting features plus the addition of ServiceNow ITSM Integration as well as extra client options including JDBC and ODBC clients as well as Tableau Connector. There are also additional content sources available including Document Level Permission Support and Private Sources. 

Increased Support: Increased support from Elastic Stack included in the Platinum package includes 24/7/365 support with up to 8 support contacts as well as much more rapid response times (1 hour for critical queries and up to 1 day for level 3 queries). 

Enhanced Security and Collaboration: Added features for security and collaboration within the Platinum option include; Engine Scoping, Role-Based Access control, Engine Scoped API keys, SAML and Meta Engines. 

Machine Learning: Another standout of this more advanced package is the option of several additional  machine learning features including: 

  • Anomaly Detection and alerting, 
  • Outlier Detection
  • Regression
  • Classification
  • Log Message Categorization
  • Root Cause Indication
  • Forecasting on time series
  • Inference
  • Feature Importance
  • Model Snapshot Management

ElasticSearch Enterprise Package

Price: On-Demand (Available only through an annual subscription) 

The ElasticSearch Enterprise Package is advertised as the ‘fully loaded package’. This package includes everything included in the other package options plus default endpoint protection and access to Elastic Endgame as well as integration options with Elastic Security and Logtash.

The Endgame features add many more features to the package including Server features such as; Role-based access control, LDAP authentication, Single sign-on (SAML 2.0), Mutual authentication between the platform and endpoint, RESTful API, Policy-based management. 

The Endgame feature also offers benefits including; 

ElasticSearch subscription changes

ElasticSearch subscriptions can be upgraded or downgraded to correspond with user needs. Those on monthly subscriptions can alter their subscription through their billing page  – with upgrades becoming effective immediately and downgrades taking place at the next invoice date. Those on annual subscriptions can alter their subscription by contacting their sales representative. 

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