All billing artefacts are pulled together to provide a clear and concise breakdown of spending and configurable cost alerts provide a useful means to ensure budgets and targets are met.

Service Summary

Mobilise will work with the customer to provide the following services:

  • Ensuring the client is only consuming the cloud services they need.
  • Suggesting cloud native tools that could improve existing technical and business processes.
  • Analysing usage statistics to recommend infrastructure enhancements.
  • Running housekeeping activities to reduce spending on unnecessary usage such as switching off non-production platforms out of normal business hours.
  • Identify trends in resource utilisation to develop strategies to reduce cost (such as auto-scaling).
  • Analyse tagging metadata information to ensure costs are being correctly reported against appropriate cost centres.
  • Identify the most cost effective way of procuring cloud resources.
  • Develop procedures for project teams to request access to cloud resources in a cost effective and controlled fashion.
  • Designing complete spin-up/tear down code based infrastructure configuration to ensure redundant cloud resources are completely removed and not consuming cost.


Microsoft Power BI 

Microsoft Power BI is a suite of business analytics tools that we use to analyze data and share insights.  Power BI dashboards provide a 360-degree view for businesses with their most important metrics in one place, updated in real time and available on all their devices.  Using this tool we can produce meaningful views of your IT estate including cloud and legacy services, based on our predefined templates for the major providers.  With a range of over 50 connections to popular business applications, dashboards can be created easily using pre-built templates. 


The AWS Billing and Cost Management Console provides features that businesses can use to estimate and plan AWS costs, receive alerts if your costs exceed a threshold, asses your biggest investments in AWS resources and simplify your accounting when working with multiple AWS accounts.  Costs can be analyzed using graphs, which can be filtered against a range of attributes.  Costs can even be forecast based on historical cost data. 


The Azure usage and billing portal provides organisations with a convenient way to review and visualise usage and billing information across multiple subscriptions.  Subscriptions used by your organisation can be registered so that their usage will be polled daily.  From there, that usage and billed amount can be displayed in an easy to use, configurable, Power BI dashboard.

Both Amazon and Microsoft have advisory tools which asses your current resources and makes recommendations on how to reduce costs.  The advisory tools will scan your infrastructure for idle, underutilised and reserved resources providing a simple and quick way to reduce your cloud infrastructure costs.



Mobilise will provide a detailed report with cost recommendations along with delivering the tools to maintain cost efficiency, enabling your organisation to receive continued benefit without a big administrative overhead.  This will drive a set of actions which can be tracked and will result on costs being reduced. Users can be trained to configure and maintain these tools to ensure the clients business is cost-effective going in to the future.  These tools will also provide the client with detailed project cost and asset tracking.

"... consultants have an expert knowledge on the Cloud market place. They were able to help us decide which IAAS platforms were the best fit for us in terms of cost, technical capability and market trends."

Christian Coates, Managing Director