Mobilise can help you realise the benefits of moving to the cloud, ensuring delivery of a cost effective, high performing cloud service, designed to security best practise, that aligns with your operational and business requirements.

Service Summary

High level and detailed designs will be created, considering:

  • System availability and resiliency - level of uptime, auto scaling and fault tolerance required.
  • Capacity - will the infrastructure need to scale to meet unexpected demand.
  • Compliance and regulatory requirements - data compliance (infrastructure hosted in specific availability zones) or other regulatory compliance (such as PCI DSS for credit card payments).
  • Security - access controls to infrastructure components and hosted applications.
  • Real-time monitoring requirements - the importance of being able to monitor real-time usage of your environment.
  • Budget  - ensuring Mobilise deliver the most cost effective solution for your business needs.
  • Compatibility requirements - hosting legacy applications.
  • Connectivity requirements - will off-site access be required via VPN.

Build will be undertaken, covering the following activities:

  • Implementation plan - what type of implementation is required – phased, direct, parallel etc.
  • Storage - storage will be configured based on availability, capacity and redundancy requirements.
  • Networks and Connectivity - infrastructure will be configured to use the desired number of public and private subnets. VPN connections will be configured if out of office access to these subnets is required. Network security groups and access control lists will be configured to restrict network access where required.
  • Compute Instances - compute resources will be deployed in line with performance and cost requirements, ensuring the size and specifications of resources fit the business need.
  • Identity and Access Management - access to resources will be configured using the principle of least privilege. Roles will be created and assigned to the relevant users ensuring access is only granted where there is a business need.
  • Monitoring - monitoring and alerting will be configured for your cloud platform using industry recognised tools.
  • Security - industry standard security policies and best practices will be adhered to during the implementation process and will be built in to your cloud platform.
  • Resiliency - resilience will be built in to your cloud platform where required, ensuring adequate levels of redundancy across all resources.
  • Performance and Scalability - resources will be chosen to best suit your performance needs. Resources will be placed in to auto-scaling groups if necessary to ensure your cloud platform can cope with unexpected demand and can self-heal in the event of failure.

Requirements Gathering

Mobilise will run a series of workshops to establish the business, operational and technical requirements of your cloud infrastructure. It is necessary to capture how you are going to consume your new service as that will enable Mobilise to determine your new cloud strategy (single provider, multi-provider or hybrid cloud) utilising offerings from the major providers. 


Cloud Providers

Single provider, multi-provider or hybrid cloud we utilise the offerings from the major providers to determine your new cloud strategy.

Design and Implementation

Good design encompasses factors such as consistency and coherence in design and deployment, maintainability to simplify administration, and reusability to allow components to be used in other applications and scenarios. Decisions made during the design and implementation phase have a huge impact on the quality and the total cost of ownership of cloud hosted applications and services.

Mobilise will employ its highly skilled team of certified cloud architects to design your cloud solution based on the requirements gathered during the initial requirements phase.

Once the design has been signed off by key stakeholders, Mobilise will begin implementing the cloud offering with the core requirements, such as:

  • Storage
  • Networks and Connectivity 
  • Compute Instances 
  • Identity and Access Management 
  • Monitoring
  • Security 
  • Resiliency
  • Performance and Scalability

Mobilise adopts industry leading tools during the build process to ensure the environment is built to the exact design specification. DevOps practices are also embraced, such as continuous integration, continuous delivery and configuration management to ensure your infrastructure as code is repeatable, version controlled and immutable. 



An open source tool for creating machine and container images for multiple platforms from a single source configuration. By using this tool Mobilise can codify machine images for easy deployment in any of the public cloud platforms.


Enables the safe and predictably creation, change and improvement of cloud infrastructures. It is an open source tool that codifies cloud infrastructure into declarative configuration files that can be used to automatically deploy appliances to the cloud.

Project Completion 


After Mobilise has completed the implementation we will work with you to complete a formal handover of the new environment. Mobilise will also provide a full suite of support documentation and troubleshooting assistance to ensure we leave your business operating at its maximum potential.

“... architectural design expertise and market knowledge enabled them to provide valuable help and support to us as we look to utilise cloud hosting for key business services.”

Robert McNeil, Head of IT Service
Companies House