The managed service covers all core IT infrastructure components. It ensures critical business services remain available whilst delivering value for money and allowing the client to focus on its core business. 

Service Summary

A tailored managed service is provided covering:

  • Support – troubleshooting.
  • Service desk – change/problem/incident management.
  • Technical account management.
  • 24x7 Monitoring.
  • Capacity Management.
  • Security Management.
  • Backup and Recovery Management.
  • Cost Management.
  • Patch Management.
  • Application Monitoring.
  • Enablement.
  • The transition of Services between Cloud Platforms.
  • Full services of the underlying platforms are available.

Supported platforms:

  • Cloud providers - AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, UK Cloud, IBM Softlayer, Centurylink.
  • Private cloud – to enable the transition from the internal legacy estate.


Mobilise consultants will meet with the customer and will carry out the following exercises:

  • The design of managed service – gathering requirements, the budget for the operational service, service targets and other key factors to design an efficient, suitable and cost-effective managed service offering. We will also determine what the customer wants to maintain in-house, and what they need help with ensuring a tailored service is delivered.
  • Build and transition – Mobilise cloud specialists will build the environment using the cloud platform agreed upon during the design phase. The specialists will then work with the customer to transition to the new infrastructure.
  • Ongoing support – Mobilise will support and monitor the customer’s infrastructure using bespoke dashboard tools, ensuring 24x7 availability. Mobilise will deal with incidents as they occur, and as agreed by the service wrap, and will keep the customer informed throughout.
  • Change management – Mobilise will offer a continuous improvement to the customer’s infrastructure by deploying required changes, and by suggesting improvements where potential issues have been identified.
  • Ongoing optimisation, governance and security – ensuring your infrastructure maintains peak performance, is documented, and is security hardened ensuring best industry security practices are adhered to. 


By opting for a fully managed cloud service, customers can realise the following benefits:

  • Increased service availability – Mobilise will take advantage of cloud platform features such as auto-scaling, ensuring critical business systems remain available.
  • Proactive management – Mobilise can exploit key functions offered by cloud platforms to ensure your system is proactive rather than reactive to events.
  • Capacity and cost management – a cloud managed service provides just in time resourcing meaning you will never have to pay for unused infrastructure resources again.
  • Predictability of costs – infrastructure in the cloud means no more maintenance costs and clear pricing models on the resources consumed; pay as you go models mean no more upfront expenditure and a quicker time to market.
  • Easily extend existing infrastructure – reduce costs and provide new capabilities to your existing infrastructure with a flexible cloud offering that manages current business requirements as well as supporting future growth.
  • Scale out your team, virtually – we act as additional team members if unexpected projects or major changes come up.

Cloud Management

Mobilise uses industry leading tools to manage, monitor and improve your cloud infrastructure, ensuring maximum uptime, rapid incident response and system governance.

Service Monitoring

Mobilise uses the industry leading Datadog tool to monitor a customer cloud infrastructure in a ‘single pane of glass’. Due to our cloud-agnostic approach, a customer may gain a greater benefit by splitting their infrastructure over multiple cloud providers.

The monitoring tools used by Mobilise realise the benefits of this approach by ensuring all cloud services are brought together into one monitoring tool and so ensuring service levels and availability are maintained as if the customer were using one cloud provider.  

The full environment is monitored using a number of metrics and events ensuring that if there is a problem with your environment, Mobilise is already aware and take any proactive or reactive action in real time.

Customer Support

Coupled with monitoring tools, Mobilise uses ServiceNow, a cloud-based service portal, to provide customer support 24x7. The service portal can create and manage tickets raised by several methods such as phone, email, social media.


Incident, Problem and Change Management

Mobilise aligns itself with the ITIL framework to provide the customer with incident, problem and change management using the ServiceNow IT service management tool.

Incident Management 

ITIL defines an incident as an unplanned interruption to or reduction of quality of an IT service. Mobilise incident management streamlines the process of returning a customer infrastructure into service following an unplanned disruption. Incidents are captured through the ServiceNow platform and assigned to a specialist accordingly. The incident is prioritised based on impact and will be resolved by the specialist within the agreed SLA.

Once the incident is resolved, problem investigation can be carried out along with root cause analysis, if appropriate.


Problem Management

ITIL defines a problem as the cause of one or more incidents. Mobilise problem management will firstly diagnose the problem and validate any known workarounds. Problems are tracked through the ServiceNow platform, and once the problem has been diagnosed and a workaround verified, the problem becomes a ‘known error’, which is then tracked through a Known Error Database (KEDB).

This KEDB is used for future incidents to assist in speeding up the resolution process.

Change Management

ITIL change management is a process designed to understand and minimise risks when making changes to IT systems. Mobilise again utilises the ServiceNow platform to track change requests raised by customers. ServiceNow allows Mobilise specialists to review, track, evaluate, approve and coordinate the implementation of changes and ensures the change process minimises service downtime whilst delivering a successful change. 

“ was great to have Mobilise Cloud Services managing our web infrastructure during the European Championships – we had a massively successful campaign on the pitch which generated millions of hits at peak moments without any service slowdown and with 100% availability”

Rob Dowling, New Media Manager
Football Association of Wales