Our team take the time to understand your exact requirements and review all options. We understand that getting the migration decisions right will save time and money and lead to successful project delivery.

Service Summary

Mobilise will work with the customer to design and deliver a migration to the cloud for agreed services, based on the following activities:

  • Application landscape review and agreed approach for each application (move, leave, transform).
  • Agile migration plan, based on agreed deliverables.
  • Migration, using a range of toolsets and approaches.
  • Tests and acceptance checkpoints throughout the activity.


Mobilise will review your project requirements and determine the best approach to deliver your desired outcomes, examples include:

  • Legacy to cloud migration (lift & shift) - This approach allows businesses to migrate quickly and cheaply to the cloud without changing business practices.  This gets services into the cloud, and is usually followed by transformation phase.
  • Legacy to cloud migration (a live migration using CloudEndure) - This approach keeps two copies of your system, one on premise and one in cloud, to act initially as a real-time DR service prior to switching to live service in the cloud.
  • Partial cloud migration (keeping some services on premises) - This allows your business to retain full control and responsibility for certain services, while also taking advantage of cloud infrastructure.
  • Cloud to Cloud migration - If your business needs to move from an existing cloud provider (e.g. for cost savings), Mobilise can assist in migrating your services.
  • Redeployment on Cloud - This approach allows businesses to migrate their applications onto brand new cloud infrastructure by focussing on migrating software rather than infrastructure, and rewriting from scratch. This approach improves your businesses ability to produce consistent, immutable, automated and repeatable builds by introducing a Continuous Integration platform. Businesses gain more control over their build & deployment pipeline, reduce future costs, easily manage code and obtain a common integration platform between applications. This new CI platform can then assist in the migration to the cloud.


Mobilise will run a workshop to understand your exact requirements before beginning a planning phase where a roadmap and strategy will be established.  Our certified solutions architects will then carry out the following steps:

  • The transition of infrastructure from on-premises to the cloud; while maintaining existing services to minimise downtime,
  • The adoption of new Cloud Services to ensure that clients take full advantage of what the cloud service offers,
  • Deployment – the roll out of client applications and services to the new cloud environment,
  • Support & Maintenance – Mobilise can provide support after the new environment has been rolled out into production to improve performance and troubleshoot issues,
  • Compliance – Ensuring the client conforms to existing policies and regulations.


Mobilise partners with cloud migration toolset specialists CloudEndure. Their toolset automates a lot of the application migration to the cloud and provides near-zero downtime. It also gives the client a level of confidence in the new infrastructure by allowing them to carry out acceptance testing before completing the final cutover. During this migration process Mobilise will continuously analyse risk and ensure there is minimal service disruption and downtime.


CloudEndure is feature-rich and provides the maximum flexibility when performing migrations; it’s ability to scale out and execute large migrations, carry out data transfer in the background and provide a great deal of control have made it our primary choice for migrations.

Amazon Web Servers

AWS provides a range of tools to assist in the migration of data to the cloud. Being an AWS consulting partner, Mobilise has extensive knowledge and experience in choosing the right tool. Amazon Snowball even lets clients migrate petabytes of data from their on premises infrastructure to the AWS cloud.

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure provides the Microsoft Migration Accelerator (MMA). Agents are installed on source machines which capture data and send it to the on-premise process server. Data is then copied up to the Azure cloud through configurable services hosted in Azure.


Mobilise offers a full enablement service to ensure a smooth transition and hand over of services.  A full set of support documentation will ensure the client has everything they need once the migration has been completed to support their new environment.

“The consultants are an extremely committed and informed team. They understand the AWS platform and quickly understood our business needs. The design, implementation and migration ran smoothly. Our day to day operations and DR are now running in the Cloud as planned. Pleasure working with a team of cross-platform skilled individuals.”

David Parker, Head of IT
Livingstone Tech