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What is the Service Mesh?

Recently you may have heard the term ‘service mesh’ crop up more frequently around containers and Kubernetes – this isn’t because it’s a brand-new technology, but rather because Google & IBM backed the release of Istio version 1.0 in July 2018. I’m Garreth Davies, a

The Essential Guide to Cloud Security Measures in 2019

Written by Andrew Neale 2019 will be in no doubt another big year for the cloud, with the vail of the cloud being something big and scary finally lifting, more enterprises and customers will start to embrace the cloud. From putting new systems in the

The Top Tech Christmas Gifts from the Last 10 Years.

The nights grow colder and the beverages we drink have gotten warmer, as we gather with our families and closest friends, we are reminded that the festive season is upon us… Christmas time is here once more. Now is the time of year where we

Kubernetes: Our Favourite Features and How to Use Them.

by Zac Sarion Kubernetes is currently one of the hottest technologies to hit the IT landscape today. Every forum you search and even on video streaming sites like YouTube, you see tons of tutorials that are practically weeks old. But what in the world is

Kubernetes Administrator Certification: What you Need to Pass the Exam.

Until recently there was no official accreditation that engineers could receive for becoming competent with the Kubernetes platform. The Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) recently established a certification program to help develop the Kubernetes ecosystem and it is now recognised as an essential accreditation to


KUBECON AND CLOUDNATIVECON || COPENHAGEN, EUROPE 2018, MAY 2ND – 4TH. – BY JEFF OWENS Before I begin summarising my experience of KubeCon & CloudNativeCon Europe 2018, I’d like to take the opportunity to briefly introduce myself. My name is Jeff Owens and I started