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Amazon Connect Service Delivery Competency

At Mobilise we bring our experience as an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner to help organisations migrate to and expand their existing Amazon Connect solutions. By following AWS best practices and integrating tightly with AWS serverless components, Mobilise have proven success delivering Connect solutions to customers.

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Taking Contact Centre Intelligence To The Next Level

Over 10 years ago, Amazon’s retail business needed a contact centre that would give customers personal, dynamic, and natural experiences – they couldn’t find one – so they built it. Now AWS are offering the same technology to customers that has become the backbone of their retail empire.

Using a pay-as-you-go pricing model, customers can quickly establish complex call centre routing with a cloud solution that automatically scales to your traffic and agent numbers.

The Connect Service Delivery Competency demonstrates Mobilise’s commitment to delivering successful Connect solutions on the AWS Platform. Our solutions have been independently vetted by AWS to ensure they meet the highest standards.

Rapid Prototyping to Enterprise Scalable Solutions.

“Amazon Connect allows us to demonstrate innovative features such as next generation chatbots, machine learning powered insights and intuitive interfaces to our customers in rapid rollouts. By paying only for the resources you consume in a pay as you go pricing model it allows our customers to trial new services before migrating existing contact centres. Amazon Connect has redefined intelligent call centres, providing high levels of automation and integration with 3rd party systems all at up to 80% off competitors pricing.”

Mark Williams - Mobilise Cloud

Mark Williams

Development, Analytics and Business Intelligence Lead

Amazon Connect Features

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Chatbots give service users the information they need on the channels they prefer. Deliver a warmer engagement 24/7, link customers to both knowledge bases and routine processes from your website, phone lines and their smartphone chat apps.

API’s link your systems together and provide greater automated co-ordination between your departments. With AWS Lambda it’s possible to completely customise any solution and trigger common support requests,  run remote diagnostics and move case resolution forward.

Amazon Connect is so simple to set-up and use, you can increase your speed of innovation. With only a few clicks, you can set up an omnichannel contact centre and agents can begin talking and messaging with customers right away.

Amazon Connect costs less than legacy contact center systems. With Amazon Connect you pay only for what you use, plus any associated telephony and messaging charges.

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