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Elastic Search

As one of the first UK Partners to Elastic, Mobilise have years of experience delivering Elastic solutions across central government and the private sector.

Elasticsearch, Logstash & Kibana (ELK)

Whether you’re looking for events originating from a specific IP address or analysing a spike in network traffic requests, the problems we’re all trying to solve with data boil down to search. Elastic Search lets you easily store, search, and analyse at scale by aggregating data from multiple, independent data sources.

Start exploring your data with stunning visualisations in Kibana, from waffle charts and heatmaps to time series analysis. Use Elastic’s preconfigured dashboards for your diverse data sources, create live presentations to highlight KPIs, and manage your deployment in a single UI.

Take SecOps to the next level by using machine learning and Elastic’s latest Security Information & Event Management (SIEM) tooling to automatically detect threats. With the ability to ingest petabytes of data and return search results in seconds, Elastic can streamline your security operations across your entire organisation.

We Work With

Elastic Case Studies

We work with a range of clients across sectors delivering customer enablement, managed services and serverless and digital transformation solutions.

centre of excellence

Helping the DVLA to Become a Cloud Centre of Excellence

Find out how Mobilise helped the DVLA to become self-sufficient cloud natives with a Cloud Centre of Excellence.

Smart IOT Solution

Safehouse – Elastic search implementation

Utilising the power of Elastic search, safe house have cost effective & scalable solution for big data.

Store Search and Analyse Data at Scale

Search Across Data Types

Elasticsearch lets you perform and combine many types of searches — structured, unstructured, geo, metric.

Fast Deployment

Go from prototype to production seamlessly using our Infrastructure as Code, Elastic verified blueprints.

Build In Resilience

Detects failures to keep your cluster (and your data) safe and available.

Explore Trends, Rank Data & Analyse

Aggregations let you zoom out to explore trends and patterns in your data.

Scaled Power Baked In

Runs on a single node the same way you would in a 300-node cluster.


Allows continual improvement and tuning of elastic and incoming data feeds.

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