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Alexa Skill Development Company

Smart devices are everywhere. Information and technology are playing an increasingly vital role in business and development processes. This includes fields such as machine learning, data science, data mining, and artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence is still a fresh player on the market but is rapidly advancing and expanding, cementing its role in the business playing field. One such AI that has made its presence felt in businesses and continues to grow rapidly is Amazon Alexa.

For those unfamiliar with Amazon Alexa, it is a voice service that functions through Amazon Echo. By speaking to Alexa verbally (voice commands), you can get the voice assistant to run various applications or tasks such as playing music, searching for a product or information, and many more actions. Beyond the usual functions discussed above, the main subject of this article is Alexa skills.

Amazon Alexa Skills are essentially applications. You can enable these applications to unlock voice-activated capabilities. Many of these capabilities are tailor-made to smoothen and heighten standard business processes.

Companies usually hire a developer or an Alexa Skill Development Company to focus on this area of finding, installing, and enabling these skills to streamline company functions. Using the Alexa skills kit, an Alexa developer can build tailor-made skills that the organization can use to connect to its customers.

The benefits of building Alexa skills are unlimited. However, to name a few, they can create a more natural user interface between customers and the service provider, increase the company’s reach because Alexa devices are available in millions of households, improve customer care with instantaneous inquiries turnaround more. It can be used internally as a tool for your team.

Working with an Alexa development company has benefits in that they possess the mastery and expertise of building a curated and personalised experience. We are on such company. Mobilise has a team of experienced Alexa Skill Developers. Whether you are looking to build a custom skill for your smart speaker or something for a wider audience. Our skill development services make this possible.

Some of our team’s most recent projects include the development of Amazon Alexa skills in Welsh. This project opens a lot of possibilities for Welsh speakers and those who want to learn the language. They can interact with their devices using their voices in their native language. The voice user interface could not be more straightforward.

Working with a skill development team guarantees you access to specialist prowess.

As the implementation of Alexa Skills continues to expand, you need to consider hiring an Alexa developer. Whether you opt for a company or a top independent contractor, it is vital to use this strategic, operational catalyst. To give a few examples of how Alexa can make your business operations more efficient.

  • Alexa can help you manage communication between you and customers. Alexa can read, manage and help you prioritize emails.
  • Alexa’s voice-activated search engine can help you find products and services quickly.
  • A skill like Shopify Alexa can provide information on the position of the company. For example, inventory, overall performance, share value, and other useful performance metrics.
  • Editing documents becomes more comfortable, more natural with voice recognition.
  • Calculating business taxes can help you save on expensive tax consultant services.
  • Online conferences have become an essential and ever-present part of business relations. This has become particularly evident during the coronavirus pandemic. The Conference Manager skill from Vonage links with your google calendar to keep you up to date with your upcoming events. You can quickly speak to your Alexa device and instruct to set up a meeting (voice assistant technology), start the session, add or remove participants, and set a time.
  • Instead of struggling with making your own travel arrangements, a skill such as Expedia can do most of the work for you. The Alexa skill makes reservations, provides information about the itinerary, and can remind you what to pack. It can even help you make hotel bookings and car rentals.

There are various other services that Alexa skills can provide. This is just a snapshot, but you can see the picture. Alexa can improve performance metrics for small businesses as well as larger establishments.


How much does it cost to develop Alexa skills?

It depends on the scale of the development process. For example, most home automation skills will cost you anything between £6000-£8000 to fully develop if you wish to build an Alexa skill for your business, a skill like WebEx, using an average rate of £40 per hour. Depending on how long the company takes to perfect the skill, a company can be charged as much as £50000.

How do I increase my Alexa skills?

Sign in to your relevant Amazon account, and you can do this on PC or your mobile app. Search for the skill you wish to add to your device using the search bar on top of the screen. Select the skill you want, then click enable.

How do you learn Alexa skills?

There are many online courses that you can take today to learn the basics of coding required for you to create your own Alexa schools. You can learn directly from Amazon, or you can try an online course like Udemy.

How do I get Alexa skills for business?

Amazon Alexa skills for business are a bit more complicated to acquire. Depending on which skills you are looking for. If you are searching for pre-existing skills, then acquiring them is simple. Log into your amazon account and search for the skill.

Some skills are free; however, most business-related skills will require you to purchase them. Once purchased, activate the skill and start using it. The process becomes more complicated when you want your business skill that does not exist and needs to be developed.

This is when you will need to reach out to skill development companies like us, Mobilise Cloud. We will help you plan and develop your Alexa Skill.