Amazon Connect

For new companies looking to implement their first conversational bot service, the industry

can be very daunting – with long tie in contracts and upfront expensive costs. Mobilise have

developed their solution based on Amazon’s Connect service which has zero up-front costs and

no long-term commitments – you only pay for what you use, by the minute.

With some of the most competitive rates in the market and a highly flexible, responsive and

intuitive system, AWS Connect is a great choice for the call centre of the future

What is an Amazon Connect Virtual Call Centre?

Amazon Connect is a self-service, cloud-based contact centre service that makes it easy for any business to deliver better customer service at lower costs. When Amazon wanted to scale out their support service they realised that they could do it better than their competition – so they created their own call centre technology. Today this technology is at the heart of Amazons support network and allows them to react quickly to changing markets at an affordable price.



There are no up-front payments, no long-term commitments and no infrastructure to manage. The service can use ‘softphones’ on your computer's browser to pick up calls and it can scale automatically to on-board tens of thousands of agents in response to business cycles. Pricing is not based on capacity, agent seats or maintenance but solely on a pay as you go pricing



The service is run on Amazons Web Service infrastructure operating in 16 geographical locations around the world, making it highly available, fault-tolerant and scalable.


AWS leverages services such as LEX & Lambda to make the Connect service highly flexible – allowing customers to integrate their existing software (CMS products, databases etc.). This highly customisable approach allows customers to create rich, natural conversational bots that interact with customers to deal with the frequently asked questions – allowing businesses to focus their resources on the more complex issues.

Our Amazon Connect Projects​

We have developed a number of chatbot applications providing both telephony and Alexa voice user interfaces (VUIs). The telephony VUI applications leverage upon AWS Connect. The typical architecture for the Connect applications utilises an AWS Lex Bot to perform the human speech-to-text conversion, a set of AWS Lambda functions to provide business logic (and if necessary, language analysis), Amazon Polly to render text output to speech, and a Twilio Twimlet to capture and email a voice recording.


Of particular interest, are the chatbots we’ve developed that can conduct a conversational interaction with the user in a language that is not natively supported by AWS Lex. To date, we have created a proprietary language-analysis-and-abstraction engine, built using AWS microservice architecture, in order to support Welsh language speech interactions. We are currently exploring avenues with prospective international companies in order to develop use cases that facilitate human/machine conversations in other non-natively-supported human languages. Some of our applications are bilingual, capable of understanding spoken requests in both English and Welsh without requiring explicit mode-switching.


Local Council


The Implementation of an AWS Connect call centre that provides callers with the option to retrieve information about appointments and make bookings.  By gathering caller information from existing client-side Content Management Systems, the system can instantly identify users and communicate appointment information seamlessly.  Embedding this system within the clients existing call centre offering has reduced the change impact, costs and disruption to existing service.  The upside of this new system is a massive reduction in the amount of short ‘simple’ queries to the business and has increased resource bandwidth to deal with more complex issues.



Health Services


A telephony application that conducts a conversation in English has been developed for a UK-based Health Service, which allows patients of a GP practice to call a number and reorder a medication prescription. The application performs identity-verification, medication identification, entitlement to the requested medication, and confirmation by voice and SMS of successful completion of the interaction.




A telephony application that conducts a conversation in Welsh has been developed for S4C (a Welsh-language TV company). The application allows the caller to interrogate S4C’s TV schedule database for information such as start time, program description, and programme names by genre.

Benefits of Amazon Web Services

No up-front costs

No need to buy expensive equipment

No long-term commitment

Pay as you go pricing structure

AWS Services provide a high level of customisable features

No infrastructure to manage

 Highly available and scalable to customer needs

Integration with existing services such as CMS

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