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Our Services

Our trusted team provides a range of services, either on customer site or from our secure operations centre.. This could range from a few days of consultancy through to fully managed services with 24×7 support.

AWS Managed Services

As an AWS Managed Service Partner, Mobilise have met stringent requirements set out by AWS to ensure we’re able to support our customers in four key areas

  • Plan & Design
  • Build & Migrate
  • Run & Operate
  • Optimize
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DevOps Implementation

Streamline application deployment by adopting DevOps procedures and processes including Infrastructure as Code and integration with CI/CD pipelines​

The environments and software stacks delivering continuous integration allow organisations to deliver, test and deploy at pace with high quality, automated processes.

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Remote Working Solutions

Improve flexibility of working and team collaboration with remote working solutions. Take the office with you – wherever you are.

During the current crisis, businesses across the world are putting their continuity plans into action.  With large numbers of the work force being forced to stay at home, it is vital to allow employees to work from home.

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Disaster Recovery

Mobilise will evaluate your current DR Plan and create a backup and restore strategy that involves storing and maintaining copies of electronic records in a cloud environment.

In today’s increasingly connected digital age, users expect services to be online 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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Security Enablement

We can help ensure your cloud deployments are as secure as they can be. We can also help you with your security accreditations, health checks and audits.

Mobilise are leaders in architecting and designing secure systems for government and financial sectors and as such are expertly placed to assist in securing your cloud infrastructure.

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Cloud Migration

Migrate from your legacy infrastructure, to reduce cost, improve reliability, increase security and reduce operational overhead.

Once a cloud infrastructure provider has been chosen and a cloud design approved, then comes the challenge of migrating services.

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Cost Management

Any potential cost savings due to Cloud migration can be lost due to poor cost management. We will help you put cost management processes in place that will quickly pay for themselves.

All billing artefacts are pulled together to provide a clear and concise breakdown of spending and configurable cost alerts provide a useful means to ensure budgets and targets are met.

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Managed Services

Cloud based applications still go wrong if they are not properly maintained. We provide cost effective and secure managed services for your Cloud based services.

The Mobilise Managed Cloud Service gives you the same reassurance to you’ve come to expect with traditional infrastructure while moving into the Cloud.

Let Mobilise worry about keeping you running while you focus on building your systems and services to help grow your business

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Design & Build

We can help you design and build the best Cloud solution for your business needs. Our team of certified Cloud consultants will plan every step of your journey.

As business models change to incorporate the power of cloud platforms, ensuring your cloud infrastructure is designed to align with your strategic goals is critical to your success.

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Serverless Application Delivery

Serverless computing allows business to build applications quickly using on demand services from the major Cloud companies.

Serverless applications can be extremely cost-effective as only memory and CPU cycle cost consumed by the function are passed onto the customer.

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Kubernetes Managed Service

We are a Kubernetes Certified Service Provider. We can help you design, build and manage your container infrastructure across one or many Cloud vendors

Mobilise was one of the first companies in the UK to become a Kubernetes Certified Managed Services Provider. That means that we have been personally vetted by the CNCF foundation and identified as a service provider who has deep experience in helping enterprises successfully adopt Kubernetes.

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Elastic Search Services

Elastic Search lets you store, search, and analyse with ease at scale.

As one of the first UK Partners to Elastic we can demonstrate our knowledge and experience in using this technology service.

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