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Strategies For Application Modernisation

Live Webinar



Wed, May 4th
12:00 – 13:00pm GMT
Virtual Event

    Take a deep dive with Mobilise and partner (AWS) Amazon Web Services where we will cover the salient points on strategies when adopting application modernisation.

    As companies look to move to the cloud, having applications still utilised through monolithic architectures can significantly impact how it can scale in the future.

    Developing more modern applications using microservices, containers and serverless can help you deploy at scale.

    In our webinar, you’ll discover by looking at the various operational tools/strategies it can help you build better products through rapid innovation and extract greater customer value.

    Join us at our webinar to hear from our expert team.

    Dave Medley
    AWS Solutions Architect

    Garreth Davies
    Cloud Solutions Architect, Mobilise


    Claudio Simone
    Marketing Manager


    Garreth Davies
    Cloud Solutions Architect

    Dave Medley
    AWS Solutions Architect

    In This Webinar:

    • Why you should modernise your applications using cloud technologies
    • Effective ways to leverage cloud native and container-based technologies
    • Exploring the changes to operational models and AWS tools to support this
    • Observability to ensure you keep track of your many services
    • Tooling in AWS for devOps purposes
    • Case studies on how we’ve helped customers with application modernisation

    Participate In This Webinar:

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    Mobilise is a cloud-enablement consultancy service, delivering enterprise level development and cloud transformation using leading technology. Mobilise is cloud partner for Amazon Web Services and Azure, and some of our clients include DVLA, Arvato Bertelsmann, MoJ, CPS, OfS, GPA, Admiral, FAW, Hodge Bank, South London and Maudsley NHS Trust.

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    Webinar: Keynote Speaker Profiles

    Guest Client
    Application Modernisation Expert

    Profile coming soon

    Garreth Davies
    Cloud Solutions Architect, Mobilise

    With more than 15 years’ expertise in the IT industry, Garreth has a wealth of knowledge in cloud native technologies. As an AWS certified Architect and Kubernetes administrator he helps central government and commercial firms with designing and building solutions for cloud migrations and containerisation.

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