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Application Monitoring | Application Monitoring Services UK

Cyber Glasses - Application Monitoring

Application Monitoring Service Provider UK

Through our application monitoring, Mobilise Cloud keeps track of your application’s performance at all times, meaning problems are identified and resolved earlier. Your business is safeguarded by staying on top of both security and performance.

End to End Monitoring - Application Monitoring

End-to-End Monitoring

Being able to keep track of the entire process is underrated. It makes it easier to find weaknesses within your system that may be impacting the performance of your application. Monitoring allows you to easily isolate sections for troubleshooting.

Application Monitoring and Actioning - Mobilise Cloud

Application Monitoring and Actioning

Not only does Mobilise provide application monitoring. We also ensure that you are not alone in resolving any issues that are identified. Our team of experienced professionals is at hand to assist you.


A key function of application monitoring is how it enables troubleshooting. By identifying issues before they have a significant impact, you can troubleshoot and resolve them in a timely manner. This will save you a lot of time and money. Being able to troubleshoot issues within your application is a security feature in itself as security issues are identified quickly.


The data captured through application monitoring can be overwhelming. Through analytics and reporting, you are provided with the same data in chunks that are easier to understand. This gives you the option to access as little of the data or as much of it as you would like. Reports can be generated and segmented based on specific parameters of interest.

Easier Scaling

Application monitoring gives your business a complete understanding of the components that make up your application. When you decide to scale, this makes it easier. You will know the area that needs to be improved prior to scaling. It also means that weaknesses can be stress-tested as part of the scaling process. As you scale, your new system is monitored to identify any issues that may have resulted from the scaling.

Performance Monitoring

While Application monitoring places an emphasis on identifying what is not working as expected on your application. It is equally important to keep an eye on performance. We often find that these two things go hand-in-hand. A drop in overall performance can often be an indicator of an issue that ought to be resolved.

Runtime application architecture

The ability to visualise your application is immensely beneficial. With runtime application architecture, the relationships between components within your application are graphically modelled. As you make changes, these models are updated. This is another important feature when it comes to troubleshooting. From a simpler standpoint, it makes it easier to make sense of complex applications.


A visual dashboard is an important part of application monitoring. You will be able to keep an eye on the usage of the application and growth. The dashboard will show resource utilisation within the application. This gives businesses the opportunity to make adjustments to ensure optimal functionality.

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