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AWS Migration | Let Us Do The Heavy Lifting


Engage AWS migration service providers with a proven track record across diverse industries, niche markets, and business models. 


The technical complexities of migrating to AWS (Amazon Web Services) are not easy for everyone. It doesn’t matter whether you are an early-stage startup. May you are a medium-sized business or enterprise-level corporation? You have to make sure your business assets and brand reputation are protected while ensuring continuity. With Mobilise AWS migration competency, you’ll experience peace of mind from the start to the end of the project.

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Regardless of your industry, niche market, business model, or unique needs. We have delivered cloud migration services to companies like yours. Our specialist team of experts will show you the benefits of having a dependable partner. It gives you peace of mind through the managed cloud and AWS migration services. The best is that you’ll always get accurate AWS migration pricing without any disappointing surprises.

Our AWS Migration Process

#1: AWS Migration Assessment 

Here is one good reason why you need a dependable AWS migration expert. The assessment stage is where we help companies like yours to lay a strong foundation for a successful migration to the AWS cloud platform. Without a proper assessment, you might in for painful surprises and expensive losses. Through this assessment stage, we’ll be able to help your company do the following –

Identify Application Dependencies – this is a situation where some applications depend on other technology platforms, APIs, or servers to provide specific services. Assessing and understanding dependencies in this context is paramount to a successful AWS migration. 

Review Operating Protocols – the next step is to review how your company operates at the present moment. We look into your technology, people, and operating processes to assess the readiness for cloud migration. 

Workload Analysis – at this stage, we leverage our deep cloud experience to analyze your usual on-premise workloads over a specified period. Through this cloud migration assessment, we’ll be able to forecast running costs based on your current resource utilization and licensing usage. This AWS migration process assessment also makes it easy to understand your security, compliance, and cost requirements. 

Setting Your Goals – every successful cloud migration is a collaborative project. You can then use the data and insights gained through this process to set clear goals. For us, we don’t just jump into the goals without a proper migration assessment. 

#2: Design And Build

This is the stage where we begin to build on the foundation laid earlier. At Mobilise, we have a team of experienced and certified cloud solution architects. As a one-stop shop for managed cloud services, you can count on our design and building process expertise. Our process starts this way. 

Design A Documented Reference Architecture – for everything to work perfectly before, during, and after AWS cloud migration, we design a documented reference architecture. Besides the design and build processes, we do a thorough validation of the design with the current cloud best practices. 

Security Control System Management – security is another area where you need dependable cloud migration service experts to give you confidence and peace of mind. You wouldn’t disappoint your team or technology partners with a successful migration that leaves the whole system vulnerable to big security threats. From identity management to compliance and data security, Mobilise team has what it takes to deliver affordable AWS migration services. 

Seamless Third-Party Integration – depending on the nature of your business model, there is a chance that some applications are dependent on other platforms or APIs for ongoing operation. Using the application dependency insights gained from the AWS cloud migration assessment stage, we’ll help with seamless integrations before, during, and after the project. 

#3: Secure AWS Migration 

Having set the foundation, did the design and build, and validated your readiness for secure and seamless cloud migration, we can then go forward with the actual migration. While you compare other AWS experts, don’t forget to clarify how your services might be disrupted when the migration is in progress. With the Mobilise team, you’ll benefit from our experience in providing maximum security and minimum service disruption. Here is how we do it. 

Execute The AWS Migration Project – to prevent any significant disruption. We use the existing AWS Server and Database Migration Services. With these options, we can replicate your applications in a secure environment. 

Testing And Optimization – before full deployment, we run deep tests to reveal loopholes and ensure that all your systems are performing as expected by every stakeholder. 

Benefits of Migrating To AWS Cloud

You Can Save Money

In terms of technology and manpower-related costs, migrating to Amazon web services will help you achieve significant savings. Moreover, the pay-as-you-go model will benefit your company when it comes to operating capacity. Possibly, you can invest the money saved into other areas for growing your business. 


Application Uptime Improvement

When you migrate to Amazon Web Services, you are gaining access to the same level of robust cloud infrastructure used by some of the world’s most successful technology companies. The best part is that you don’t have to go through a large cash outlay before gaining access. 


Make Your Business More Agile 

By leveraging on Mobilise AWS migration competence, your team will have more time to focus on the key parts of growing the business. With us, you don’t have to worry about the risk of insufficient expertise or experience in this kind of project. 

Why Choose Us?

Whatever your specific needs might be, looking into our portfolio will give you insights into some of the cloud migration services we have delivered to other companies like yours. From the assessment to planning, design, build, testing, and security stages, you can count on us as your dependable cloud technology partner. Here are some other reasons why you should consider working with us. 

  • We have some deep expertise in delivering affordable cloud solutions 
  • A trained and certified team ready to start working on your project right away 
  • On-demand technical support for performance optimization 
  • Diverse cloud platform integration experience beyond Amazon 
  • Familiarity with different layers of cloud security and compliance protocols 

Get in touch with us today. Let Mobilise see to you smooth AWS Migration.