Amazon Migration Acceleration Partner (MAP)

At Mobilise we bring our experience as an Amazon Migration Acceleration Partner to help customers migrate their workloads to AWS using best practices, tooling and financial incentives so they can leverage the performance, security and reliability of the cloud.

Amazon Managed Service (AMS)

As an AWS Migration Acceleration Partner, Mobilise have a proven track record in migrating workloads to AWS securely, on-time and with structured project governance. Our expertise as an AWS Well Architected Partner, ensures we can design an AWS environment for your workloads that follows AWS best practices, is highly secure and cost-effective. Furthermore, Mobilise have access to AWS funding that can offset professional services costs undertaken during a migration.


What is sometimes referred to as a ‘Lift & Shift’, this involves migrating existing workloads to the cloud with no fundamental changes. This process can be automated with tooling such as AWS Application Migration Service and Infrastructure as Code.


This migration is predominantly a Lift & Shift with a few modifications, such as taking advantage of AWS Managed Services e.g. moving existing databases from traditional VMs to Amazon RDS. Low hanging fruit items are implemented during migration whilst no underlying core architecture is modified.


This migration type is often associated with migrating existing workloads to a SaaS offering, for example migrating an on-premise version of MongoDB to their cloud offering MongoDB Atlas on AWS. This migration is often a small part of a much larger Lift & Shift exercise.


This migration is driven by strong business needs and involves re-architecting solutions to become cloud-native, so applications can take advantage of scale, cost saving measures and performance increases the cloud can offer. Whilst being the most expensive migration pattern, this tends to be the most beneficial.

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Creating a total cost of ownership (TCO) model to build business cases for migration,

Create a migration plan and detailed business case, migrate pilot workloads.

Begin large scale migration whilst adopting cloud native services.

AWS migrations by certified professionals

“Our AWS Certified Professional Solutions Architects have a deep expertise in migrating complex solutions to AWS, whilst taking advantage of all the cloud has to offer. Using automated tooling such as Amazons Application Migration Service, we can test workloads before a cutover, keep our customers apprised of issues with AWS Migration Hub and maximise cost savings using AWS funding.”

James Jones, Engagement & Delivery Lead

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