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DevOps as a Service | DevOps as a Service Provider UK

Technology - DevOps as a Service | DevOps as a Service Provider UK

DevOps as a Service

Mobilise Cloud is proud to offer DevOps as a Service. No matter the size of your company, there are a lot of benefits that you can derive from taking your application development onto The Cloud – marrying the development and planning seamlessly. Productivity is enhanced in ways that are usually difficult to achieve. This is achieved by combining the development tool into a single unit. Your team can do more in less time. We provide assistance with:

  • Automation
  • Quicker Delivery from development
  • Higher Uptimes
  • Fostering Collaboration
  • Continuous Integration
  • Continuous Delivery
  • Migration
DevOps as a Service | DevOps as a Service Provider UK

What is DevOps?

DevOps combines the application development and operational side of projects. It is a system of integration that improves collaboration between the two teams. Structures and workflows are automated. The performance of the applications is measured consistently to promptly make the required changes. Within a DevOps system, there are fewer errors encountered when moving from a development to a live environment.

DevOps as a Service UK Automation

One bottleneck that developers and operation managers face is being able to test code, workflows, and infrastructure in a timely manner. As the number of products and applications increases, this becomes more difficult to achieve. and often leads to delays. By automating the testing of code, workflows and infrastructure, Mobilise Cloud makes life easier for everyone involved in the project. It often means that projects are cheaper and are completed quicker. Software is built and stacked in smaller chunks. The development and production environment are identical. This eliminates errors that usually result from moving from one to another.

Quicker Delivery from development

Automation, along with other practices that we introduce through DevOps as a service, means that the usual timescales that are common in software development are significantly reduced. There is an increase in the frequency of deployment and the time taken to deploy new code. It goes without saying, that less time is required when deployment is done in smaller chunks.

Continuous Integration

By creating configuration management code, we are able to help businesses scale their infrastructure. Traditional forms of development would dictate that the development would only be able to integrate code at limited intervals to allow the operational side of things to manage. Mobilise Cloud, through DevOps as a service, is able to automate these without raising a conflict.

Higher Uptimes

Keeping your application functional and accessible is of utmost importance. Any time that it is not live, you are losing money. Mobilise Cloud improves your uptime through an iterative process. We measure the performance of the application and make necessary changes aimed at improving it. Improvements are frequently made to both the code and to the operational side of things.

Continuous Delivery

Through continuous integration, your end-users no longer have to wait as long as usual for new changes to be made available. New features and software can be brought to market in shorter cycles without compromising on testing and quality. As a result, your business can not only be first to market but can be the one to get it right and improve.

Fostering Collaboration

Working on smaller chunks of code within the same environment makes scaling easier. It allows your team to work on various parts of the same project at the same time without having to wait for one another. This allows you to reduce the time that you would require to get your latest features to market or to make changes that the market or customers have demanded.


We understand that moving from your current system to a DevOps environment can be daunting – this is where our experienced personnel will be available to help you do. This is the same courtesy that we extend to customers that are looking to migrate from another provider.

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