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DevOps Consulting Company UK

Mobilise Cloud is a renowned DevOps consulting company in the UK. We help businesses harness the incredible power and benefits of automation to deliver their software projects in a manner that features Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery. Whether you are wondering if a DevOps approach is right for your business or are ready to get started, we are ready to assist you.

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Fitness Assessment

If you are wondering how you would know if DevOps is ideal for your project, we will be able to assist you through the fitness assessment. Through conversation, a qualified Mobilise Cloud developer will be able to help you understand the potential benefits of using DevOps. This presents you with the opportunity to air your ideas, goals and concerns prior to committing to a project.

DevOps Optimisation

At the heart of the DevOps culture is the idea of continuous optimisation. This means that your project can be continuously improved. Whether you have a project that has been on the market for a while or software that you have been using. We can assist you by optimising it for performance or cost.

DevOps Planning

Planning your project is an important part of ensuring that it is a resounding success. Mobilise Cloud provides a DevOps planning service as part of our consulting. Whether you are looking to carry out the development yourself or collaborate with us, we can ensure that a detailed plan is put in place to be implemented. Our plans combine your ideas with technology whilst managing costs.

Application Monitoring

Once your application is in use, being able to monitor its functions is important. Mobilise Cloud offer Application Monitoring through the development of a dashboard. This will allow you to assess the performance of the application from end-to-end. You will then be able to optimise it based on your observations, which makes it easier to identify components that need to be improved.


DevOps allows for your project to be developed and delivered in a CI/CD manner. This means that you can continue to improve or introduce other features while your software is in use. Not only does this get you to market in a short time, but it also allows for more time to plan and reconsider things. Our roadmap helps you decide which components of your software to work on and deliver at which point.

Software Automation

One of the biggest benefits of using a DevOps approach is automation. Mobilise Cloud will guide you in the planning and implementation of software testing automation. We will also implement infrastructure automation to create development environments that are identical to the live one. This will significantly reduce the chances of conflict when moving from a development to a live environment.


Our services do not end with the planning. We also have a team of experienced developers who can assist in bringing the Bespoke solution and roadmap to life within your software. Whether this is a software that is has been on the market and looking to be improved on or one in the conceptual phase, Mobilise Cloud makes a great partner for the project.


The adoption of containers has grown year on year. This is largely due to its adoption by enterprises. Containers such as Kubernetes and Docker are at the forefront of this movement. They allow businesses of all sizes to manage their software within a secure environment that is easily scalable. This means that deploying your software can be done in small containers that are stacked.

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