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CI/CD Tooling, Which is best for you?

Here at Mobilise, we have had the opportunity to work with many different CI/CD tools over the years. From client engagements to our own internal tooling. If you have just started your DevOps journey or are looking to move to a new CI/CD tool or

The Cloud and Business Continuity

During the current crisis, businesses across the world are putting their continuity plans into action.  With large numbers of the work force being forced to stay at home, it is vital to allow employees to work from home.  In this modern age, it is simpler

Serverless Days Cardiff 2020

Serverless Days Cardiff 2020 took place on the 12th and 13th of February. Multitudes of serverless practitioners and stakeholders descended on the Welsh capital, Cardiff. The event was divided into speaker sessions and workshops. Workshops took place on the 12th, with the main event following

Is DevOps for us?

I’m sure many people new to the industry will be asking themselves; what is DevOps and do I need it?  These are good questions, because at the end of the day the main goal for digital businesses is to deliver their services.  So why concentrate

Threat Modelling in a DevSecOps world

Recently on a Mobilise webinar for Building DevSecOps into your Pipelines I got asked the question ‘Can you still do threat modelling? (When using DevSecOps principals)’. Which was an interesting question where I could only give the quick answer. The answer was yes, but via

Kubernetes Managed Services Comparison

Edit 06/03/2020: Updated to include new GKE pricing. As Kubernetes popularity has grown, more businesses have based their platform on the technology leading to Public Cloud vendors creating their own managed service offerings.  Last week Amazon announced they have reduced their Elastic Kubernetes Service by

What is Kubernetes

This post will cover the details highlighted in our Kubernetes 101 webinar. Its main focus was on the key components of modern cloud infrastructure and technologies. It will cover containers, Docker and Kubernetes. With the incredible impact that these have had and will continue to

Cloud Security 2019: The review and 2020 trends

Last year I wrote a blog on what security measures you should take for the cloud in 2019. Now I’m here to review if I am a CloudSec soothsayer, or if I was wide of the mark. Let’s see how I did! The Security Measures

DVLA Code Challenge

DVLA Code Challenge Sponsored by Mobilise Cloud

The DVLA teamed up with Mobilise Cloud to put on The Third DVLA Code Challenge in Swansea.  The Third DVLA Code Challenge took place on the 3rd December 2019, at the Richard Ley Development Centre in Swansea. It is an event that brought together pupils

AWS re:Invent 2019

Well, it’s Friday, December 6th 2019 and we’ve just seen the end of the latest re:Invent 2019 conference – an event put on by Amazon to showcase all of their latest products.  As per usual, the event has seen record-breaking attendance with this years estimate