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AWS Managed Service Provider (MSP)

Mobilise leverage next-generation business and technical best practices to build a holistic AWS-based business and have been validation against a rigorous bar to achieve the AWS MSP designation.

AWS Advanced Consulting Partner > Managed Service Provider (MSP)

AWS Managed Service Provider (MSP)

In order to obtain AWS certification as an AWS MSP Partner, Mobilise are 1 of only 9 UK providers to have been successfully audited on the following criteria:

  • Business Health
  • Business Management
  • Customer Obsession
  • Solution Design Capability
  • DevOps Capability
  • Infrastructure and Application Migration Capability
  • Security
  • Next Generation Service Management
  • Service Level Agreements
  • Optimisation
  • AWS Billing and Cost Management
  • AWS Knowledge

As an AWS MSP Partner Mobilise Cloud is trusted to bring Amazon Web Services solutions to customers. We aim to understand your business’ key outcomes. This enables us to help with your digital transformation as part of your cloud journey. 

Pairing our expertise with your business processes leads to the development of lifecycle solutions that deliver value in a way that is tailored to you. Whether you are looking for additional resources or considering scaling your application’s capabilities in cloud architecture, our experience as Next-generation AWS MSPs will take you there. 

We believe in proactive monitoring as part of a robust cyber secure environment that every business must have. There has never been a better time to take advantage of the growth of technology solutions on the AWS cloud as part of your cloud adoption journey.

Mobilise can help your organisation plan, design cloud strategies, migration business case, organisational roadmaps, conduct discovery into existing practices and provide recommendations.

As an AWS Migration Acceleration Partner (MAP) and AWS Well Architected Partner, Mobilise Cloud can build AWS environments and migrate your workloads using AWS best practices. Mobilise can also look at claiming AWS funding to assist in migration costs.

Using our ISO-27001, SC-cleared Service Desk, Mobilise engineers respond to generated alerts prompt using realtime notification systems. Using Infrastructure as Code, engineers can safely and securely roll out changes with minimal lead time and zero disruption to live service.

As an AWS Well Architected Partner, Mobilise can review existing solutions and provide recommendations to improve processes, security, operations, costs, reliability and performance. 

As an AWS Partner Network (APN) member, Mobilise Cloud is able to optimise your tech stack and also provide managed services where needed. We pride ourselves on providing a high level of customer satisfaction and attention to detail. Ready to take your cloud infrastructure to the next level? Speak with Mobilise Cloud AWS Advanced Consulting Partners.

AWS Expertise, Brought To Your Organisation.

“Using our next-generation monitoring solutions, we’re able to automatically detect issues before they become problems and our ISO-27001, SC-cleared, omnichannel Service Desk handle incident and change management so your business can focus on delivering services.”

Adam Davies - Mobilise Cloud

Adam Davies

Cloud and Operations Lead

Benefits of an AWS Managed Cloud Service

Proactive, responsive managed services for your organisation

Increased Service Availability

Mobilise design and build services based on the AWS Well Architected Framework, taking advantage of features such as auto-scaling, ensuring critical business systems remain highly available.

Predictability of Costs

Infrastructure in the cloud means no more maintenance costs and a clear pay as you go pricing model. Mobilise provide proactive cost saving measures to help customers drive down costs – including the use of Spot Instances, Right Sizing and Savings Plans.

Proactive Management

Mobilise utilise next generation monitoring capabilities to automatically identify & alert on anomalies.  Security tooling such as CloudTrail, Config & GuardDuty ensure a strong security posture and proactive response to events by AWS certified experts.

Easily extend existing Infrastructure

Reduce costs and provide new capabilities to your existing infrastructure with a flexible cloud offering that manages current business requirements and allows for rapid innovation.

Capacity and Cost Management

By using Infrastructure as Code, environments can be created when needed and destroyed afterwards, meaning you won’t have to pay for unused infrastructure resources.

Scale Out Your Team Virtually

With secure access available to your resources from anywhere in the world, scale your teams like never before. Amazon Workspaces & Appstream allow global users to securely access corporate services.

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