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Call Centre Automation: Streamline Your Call Centres for Top Performance

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Call Centre Automation Services

Many call centres find that they are inundated with a high volume of calls, which leads to inefficiency. However, there are tremendous benefits to centre automation when it is done right. Most businesses will have the biggest reservation with this approach is how they can automate their call centres without losing customer service quality.

Banks found themselves unprepared for this transition during the pandemic. Customers were reported to have waited more than three hours to get through to their bank. Most calls to the bank or any customer service are not just for the sake of it. A three-hour wait adds to the frustration. But, it doesn’t have to be this way! Automating call centres takes a load off the shoulders of staff and customers. 

What is call centre automation?

Contact centres are one of the most expensive functions in an organisation, so automating is a great way to reduce costs.

Contact centre automation can be configured easily and quickly with commercially available software or call scripts. This makes it easy for contact centre staff members to handle all incoming calls from customers 24/hours a day, seven days a week.


  • Reduced call handling times.
  • Increased productivity and efficiency.
  • A reduction in staff costs through a more focused workforce, freeing up time for customer service professionals to provide more value-added services. This can help improve the customer experience of your business while increasing profitability.
  • Contact centre automation allows businesses to restructure their contact centres with fewer resources.

Handling calls via a ChatBot

Chatbots can also help to automate your call centre. This is done by setting up a chatbot that will answer customer queries while offering them the opportunity of skipping through menus or speaking with an operator if they prefer. They can often lead the customers to resources and solutions without the need for human intervention.

One of the best things about chatbots is that they can run outside of normal working hours. This drastically reduces call volumes. That means happy customers and a staff that is not overworked.

Benefits of call centre automation

Reducing contact centres costs

Staffing is one of the biggest costs to any call centre. The costs of on-site staffing can be significantly reduced with automation. Costs for call centre staffs such as retail stores, banks and airlines are all examples of centres that have seen a reduction in their operating costs through the implementation of call centre automation solutions.

This can be done without negatively impacting the customer experience. Automation will:

  • Reduce waiting times.
  • Provide prompt responses to queries.
  • Offer an interactive experience.

Leveraging automation to improve customer service

Automation is a great way to improve customer service. You can take it a step further by making the customer aware of how their experience is being improved at every step of the way. It’s a win-win for staff and customers. Some companies are even doing this by adding automation directly into their chatbots. This gives users the ability to change any aspect of their call experience, not just answer questions or jump through menus.

Handling Calls by Voice

If your call centre is currently using voice to handle calls, the process will be easier. You can automate some of those tasks with a speech recognition system that automatically transcribes the call and provides you with its content in written form. This makes it easy for managers to review calls where necessary as well as provide feedback on things like volume or emotional responses.


Cloud services add an extra layer of reliability to business operations. Data is secured in multiple locations and is always readily available. In case if you accidentally delete information, it will be backed up elsewhere.

Scaling the solution for more calls

Business growth will demand a customer service team that can scale to meet heightened demands. The pandemic showed us the importance of having contingency plans. One of the most affected industries is customer service. Not only was access to a working environment restricted, but there was a greater demand for technology.

Waiting times for most call centres rose to ridiculous levels. We went from needing a solution to wanting one that can be scaled. Providing every employee with their own devices to handle call volumes at home would be costly and difficult to sustain. Providing tech support to all employees while they are at home is a mountainous job!

By automating your call centres, you create a solution that can grow with your need. You can scale it up based on demand, and slow down when the need isn’t as great. This also applies to the associated running costs.

It takes away the need for consistently maintaining devices while delivering a more efficient service for all involved. You will find that your employees are happier and that they will stay with you for longer.

How we set up call centre automation

We provide a cloud based solution to call centre automation. It’s simple for you and your customers to use. We plan and design the automated call centre with your input. This means that we develop a system that will fit your requirements perfectly.

You can be involved in the process, or just let us work on our own! We build the call centre using our own cloud-based tools, which integrate perfectly with all major phone systems.

Call centre automation providers

Mobilise is thrilled to be a call centre automation provider. We love seeing the results that our work delivers to businesses and their customers. A small change that goes a long way.

While there is no magic solution for automation, it does present a wonderful opportunity for improving the customer service experience and efficiency. All it takes is one person to start the ball rolling. Once you get the ball rolling, it’s easy to scale up your service.

It’s not just about saving money or dealing with large volumes of callers. It’s about creating a fulfilling experience for your customers. That means advanced technology that can understand language with ease, and handle simple tasks on its own.

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