Voice-based Applications

Recent advances in voice based technologies like those provided by Amazon have created a

wealth of exciting opportunities for companies to engage with their customers. These new

voice services coupled with powerful compute components allow companies to build complex

applications that can interact with customers in real time

What is a Voice-based Application?

The first thing people think about when they are asked about automated voice services is robot

sounding voices that fail to recognise a large majority of speech. However, with advances in

speech recognition technology, cloud providers like Amazon have revolutionised the voice

application space. Amazon uses advanced deep learning functionalities of automatic speech

recognition for converting speech to text, and natural language understanding to recognise the

intent of the text. All of which facilitate the building of rich conversational experiences for the


The first process in creating a voice based application is creating the user interaction, this

is done using Amazon’s LEX service. A ‘chat bot’ is created to establish and define the

user interactions with the application. The second step is to create ‘backend’ functionality

to enhance your application, for example creating Lambda scripts that retrieve data from

a database to populate the LEX response. The third and final step is to enable the speech

component using Amazon Connect to provide an interface between the application and the


What makes these voice applications so powerful is that they can interact with customers’

existing CMS systems to both query and update data. This allows complex workflows to

be created that can for example pull data from a content management system based on the

user’s phone number. This can then be queried to present the customer with a selected set of


Alexa Skills Development

Amazon has licensed its voice assistant technology to dozens of hardware manufacturers, extending the reach of Alexa far beyond your front room. Companies everywhere are building Alexa skills to capitalise on this growing opportunity — there are now more than 30,000 skills published.

At Mobilise we have produced Alexa skills for industries such as TV, and healthcare - helping businesses find a new way of delivering great customer service.

Benefits of Voice-based Applications

The primary goal of voice based applications are to handle repeatable tasks that employees

regularly have to carry out for customers so that the company can focus its resources on the

more complex issues facing customers. Additional benefits include:

Pay as you go pricing model

Highly customisable service

Integration with almost any existing system through a REST interface

 Highly available and scalable to customer needs

AWS Services provide a high level of customisable features

Integration with existing services such as CMS

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