Navigating the Digital Landscape in the Face of Covid-19: How Admiral Maintained Its Leadership in Insurance Services with the Help of Mobilise



The Covid-19 pandemic posed significant challenges for many organizations

Including Admiral, a leading insurance company. With the sudden shift to remote work and increased demand for digital services, Admiral needed to act quickly to maintain its competitiveness in the marketplace.

Mobilise was engaged to help Admiral navigate the rapidly changing digital landscape and meet the needs of its customers. The company provided a comprehensive solution that included modernising Admiral's infrastructure and enabling a remote workforce. This solution allowed Admiral to quickly adapt to the new realities of the pandemic and maintain its position as a top provider of insurance services.

To modernise its infrastructure, Mobilise worked with Admiral to implement new tools and technologies that improved the efficiency and reliability of its systems. This included a transition to cloud technology, which provided the scalability and flexibility needed to accommodate the increased demand for digital services.

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In addition to modernising its infrastructure

Mobilise also helped Admiral to enable its workforce to work remotely. This involved implementing new tools and technologies that enabled remote collaboration, communication, and access to information. This was critical in allowing Admiral to continue delivering its services to customers without interruption, even in the face of the pandemic. Utilising industry leading services like Amazon Connect to rapidly implement intelligent cloud contact centres using pay-as-you-go pricing models allowed Admiral to rapidly prototype and deliver cloud native services in record time.

The results of the partnership between Admiral and Mobilise were impressive. The company was able to quickly transition to remote work, modernise its infrastructure, and maintain its position as a top provider of insurance services. This success was due in large part to the expertise and support provided by Mobilise, which allowed Admiral to successfully navigate the challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic.

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