The National Archives: Modernising Record Management for Over 200 Government and Public Sector Bodies


The National Archives

The National Archives is a vital resource for over 200 government and public sector bodies

Providing access to over 170 years of official public records. With hundreds of working relationships and the responsibility for managing millions of records, The National Archives requires state-of-the-art technology and dynamic applications to effectively fulfil its mission.

As a pioneer in record management, The National Archives has a long history of adapting to the changing needs of its stakeholders. To continue providing world-class services, the organisation recognises the importance of modernising its technology and applications. By embracing cutting-edge solutions, The National Archives can ensure that its record management processes are efficient, secure, and accessible to the hundreds of government and public sector bodies it serves.

In order to modernise its technology and applications, The National Archives has implemented a variety of solutions that support its record management processes. This includes utilising cloud-based solutions, data analytics tools, and advanced archiving software. By doing so, The National Archives has increased its efficiency and ensured that its services are up-to-date with the latest technology.

“Mobilise helped us take a business-critical legacy databases system and replace it with a cloud-based application that is far more flexible, powerful and easy to use. I was very impressed by how quickly the team got to grips with our complex data and processes. Development was done at pace, the Mobilise team was highly responsive and adaptable. “ - The National Archives (TNA)

In addition to modernising its technology

The National Archives has also made significant investments in training and development for its staff. This includes providing ongoing training opportunities and encouraging a culture of innovation and continuous improvement. By doing so, The National Archives can ensure that its employees have the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively manage the hundreds of working relationships and millions of records it is responsible for.

In conclusion, The National Archives is a critical resource for over 200 government and public sector bodies and plays a vital role in preserving the official public records of the UK. By modernising its technology and investing in its staff, The National Archives continues to uphold its reputation as a leader in record management and a key resource for its stakeholders.

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