Securing the cloud: Addressing common configuration mistakes to protect sensitive data.

Cloud infrastructure is designed to enable easy setup and rapid usability, enabling access to enable powerful Internet facing services with a few clicks. While this is beneficial for agility, it is challenging for companies to ensure information is accessible to authorised parties only. If your organisation is using cloud-based infrastructure, you need to be aware […]

DevSecOps vs DevOps | Where Security and Automation Combine

DevOps is a methodology, a set of core values and practices that you can use to change the way development teams work. DevOps has been adopted in several industries, including enterprise IT, cloud computing, and mobile development. The two terms (DevSecOps and DevOps) are often used interchangeably or as synonyms of each other. The evolution […]

CI/CD approaches

Introduction Firstly, allow me to introduce myself.  My name is Jeff Owens.  I’m a cloud consultant for Mobilise Cloud and I’ve spent a great deal of time working within large, agile cloud transformation projects.   I’ve utilised various infrastructure as a code tool, the serverless framework, and helped develop container-based deployments with application teams on Kubernetes […]

What is DevSecOps and how does it differ from DevOps?

Written by Andrew Neale In recent years DevOps has become one of the forefront methodologies for Cloud Computing, but now people have begun to introduce security measures into their DevOps strategies to become DevSecOps or rugged DevOps. So, how do they differ? DevOps was created to help bridge the gap between developers and operations and […]

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