Mobilise Partners with AWS to Deliver Police Assured Landing Zones

On the 2nd February, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and the Police Digital Service (PDS) announced their collaboration on a new service to accelerate cloud digital services throughout the Police service, a Police Assured Landing Zone (PALZ).

Mobilise are proud partner with AWS and PDS to deliver PALZ solutions to approved environments.

So what is PALZ?

The Police Assured Landing Zone is a set of policies and configurations that have been approved by AWS/PDS to provision a common and secure baseline of services on AWS. Using PALZ configuration files, AWS Accelerator services automatically provision accounts, networking, infrastructure and services utilising best practices and secure PDS configurations.

And how does PALZ help?

PALZ enables police forces’ to reliably and securely begin developing services knowing they are using assured best practices – instead of each individual service or police force having to seek assurance/assessment for new platforms, slowing down delivery.

Furthermore, law enforcement organisations can now manage their own landing zones, making adjustments over time knowing their platform still complies with central policies like the National Police Chiefs’ Council’s Information Security Principles and Secure by Design practices.

This reduces operational overhead on central platform teams and enforces governance across disparate systems allowing forces to focus their energy on developing services rather than managing infrastructure. In addition, because the landing zones are assured by PDS, forces can reduce the effort required to complete Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIA) and other assurance reviews.

How can Mobilise help?

As AWS Well Architected partners and AWS Certified Architects with a deep understanding of AWS & PALZ, Mobilise can leverage experience of previously deployed PALZ implementations to assist in the design, build and support of PALZ solutions. To ensure your organisation can become self-sufficient, Mobilise can provide in-depth training and cloud enablement to establish a sustainable future for your cloud environment. Mobilise also have experience assisting with assurance procedures such as DPIA, Penetration Testing and Well Architected Reviews of customer environments.

A secure platform for accelerating cloud digital services…

Leveraging the AWS Well Architected Framework, PDS aligned strategy and Infrastructure as Code with automation, PALZ is strategically placed to begin knocking down the barriers to cloud entry for police forces across the United Kingdom.


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