Reasons to migrate your application/software to the cloud

From accelerating time to market to going global, more and more ISVs are seeing the value of moving their business to the cloud.

But if you’re still unsure of the business case, then below are five reasons why the future of your business is in the cloud.

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1. Greater agility and ease of innovation

You’ll know the ISV market is getting increasingly competitive. So the ability to rapidly respond to changing customer and market needs is essential.

This includes launching new services and applications, which can be achieved quicker using a cloud-based model. You can adapt your environment to new business challenges, and seize on technology trends, without rebuilding your IT infrastructure.

The same goes for upgrades: whereas upgrades may currently be slow to take off, ISVs in the cloud can release multiple major upgrades each year.

2. Pass on non-core activities and stay lean

By working with a cloud migration partner like Mobilise, you can pass on non-core activities, including tasks like capacity, cost and security management. This will enable you to focus your team on building software solutions and serving customers.

Ultimately, there will be less work for you and your business, meaning you can stay lean and keep customers happy, as you continue to grow your business.

3. Expand your market, reaching new customers

By embracing the cloud, you can more easily reach those global customers that may have proved elusive in the past, all without a huge sales and marketing budget.

This is aided by the ease of subscription-based pricing models, which essentially means that customers don’t have to immediately commit themselves to the long-term.

Moving to the cloud also shows your existing customers that your business is developing. It’s a sign that you are a viable long-term partner that will evolve with them.

4. Gather improved insights

If your software is being used on premise, behind firewalls, or servers which you own or lease, then you have little visibility about what is being used and how.

But this will all change in the cloud, with better information about what’s being used in your systems.

Analytics based on the entire user population can offer improved data. That includes drawing deeper consumer insights and behavioural trends. This can be used to optimise application performance and drive product development.

You could package up these new insights to provide as an added service to your customers, meaning they can better understand their own businesses.

5. Reduce complexities and simplify your business

How did your business cope during lockdown? Of course, the Covid pandemic meant millions of staff suddenly had to work from home. Like other industry sectors, ISVs will have seen the huge shift in demand for flexible working and home working that were accelerated by the pandemic and appear to be here to stay.

So, for ISVs, just like other businesses, embracing the cloud enables remote working with ease and security.

This flexibility – and the benefits it brings for business continuity – is just one of the ways that being in the cloud simplifies and streamlines work practices for ISVs.

Another key way that moving to the cloud simplifies your business is by replacing all of that legacy computer infrastructure, which is so complicated and expensive to install and maintain. In its place is a new way of working, with faster and easier application deployment.

And that painful maintenance? With cloud-based infrastructure, it’s on the provider.

We can help ISVs

Whatever their reasons, more and more ISVs will move their applications and development processes to the cloud.

If you think now is the time for your business to move on from legacy tech and simplify your operations, then remember that with Mobilise, migration is made easy.

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