The strategies for modernising of applications in the cloud: webinar

At our recent webinar Strategies for Application Migration, in partnership with AWS (Amazon Web Services), we shared our insight and expertise the strategies that you can adopt for modernising applications in the public cloud.

We discussed explaining the many reasons for modernising your applications or workloads and evolving monolithic structures into more agile and accelerated delivery. Insight was also given to understand how to make this move and consideration to be aware of.

The webinar is now available to view On Demand.

Dave Medley, our guest speaker from AWS (Amazon Web Services) an enthusiastic expert in engineering cloud solutions with organisations that have adopted a monolithic approach. He covers operational aspects to modernisation applications. A big part of his discussion involved approaches to observability, devOps and serverless and AWS technologies.

]Slide extracts from the webinar

A glance at attendee’s questions


When would you choose Containers or serverless?

In summary, it’s based on your use case. Containers are very useful particularly in AWS. Containers do require more work to maintain and the resources available to run these. As there is trade off in an Increased operational requirement you would look at this over the serverless approach.  You can run up to zero to many instances, scale up when needed with containers. I would use both where it made sense, if you had a requirement that you didn’t run very often serverless would be preferred – constantly running all the time, containers make sense. There is always case to run containers due to portability which is a very good plus point.

View our on demand screening of the webinar which provides more insight from the session.

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