AWS Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS): EC2 vs Fargate

As a Kubernetes Managed Service Provider, Mobilise has worked with many customers. We design, build and run Kubernetes workloads across a variety of cloud providers. This has traditionally involved building worker nodes on virtual machines. These support the running of application workloads. However, more recent technologies such as AWS’ Fargate have made it more appealing […]

Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA) Exam Recertification

Hi, my name is Garreth Davies and I’m a Cloud Solutions Architect working for Mobilise Cloud and in April 2021 I passed my re-certification for the CKA exam. Since my first exam back in 2018 (which you can read more about here) a lot has changed in the world of Kubernetes and also the CKA […]

Kubernetes vs Vagrant | Similarities, Differences and Who Uses Each One

If you are new to the world of DevOps, you might have heard of Kubernetes and Vagrant, and you might even know they are different. However, if you are a beginner, this is probably all you know about the two tools. This article aims to explain provide insights on both Kubernetes and Vagrant, focusing on […]

Alternatives to Docker Container

Docker containers have been on the frontline of application and software development and rapid deployment for a while. We have used it on Amazon Web Services¬† (AWS) for all sorts of Kubernetes environments. As a platform, Docker provides OS-level virtualisation to deliver software in packages, which we know as containers. Docker Hub comes with a […]

Can you run Enterprise Grade workloads for under $100 a month?

With the recent pandemic and a global recession in our midst affecting all kinds of markets, businesses are looking for ways to save money and remain competitive. At Mobilise we have been asked by customers to find new innovative ways to save costs on digital services whilst still delivering at an ever-increasing pace. But does […]

Kubernetes Deployment Strategies

This post will present the various Kubernetes deployment strategies available. One of the many benefits to a Kubernetes platform that hosts your applications is its ability to orchestrate deployments in an automated fashion. With businesses looking to deploy changes more frequently to continue innovating and stay ahead of their competition – there is usually a […]