Amazon Connect Workforce Management

The folks over at AWS have had a very busy start to 2022, releasing 20+ new Amazon Connect features so far! So lets take a look at these features, with a focus on their new ML-powered Amazon Connect forecasting, capacity planning, and scheduling features which went live in eu-west-2 (London) this week! ML-Powered Workforce Management […]

The strategies for modernising of applications in the cloud: webinar

At our recent webinar Strategies for Application Migration, in partnership with AWS (Amazon Web Services), we shared our insight and expertise the strategies that you can adopt for modernising applications in the public cloud. We discussed explaining the many reasons for modernising your applications or workloads and evolving monolithic structures into more agile and accelerated […]

AWS Systems Manager Patch Manager for orchestrating patching at scale

Overview Patch Manager is a feature of AWS Systems Manager which automates the patching process for managed nodes with both security and other types of updates for operating systems and applications. Patch Manager currently supports patching operations for Amazon Linux, Amazon Linux 2, CentOS, Debian Server, macOS, Oracle Linux, Raspberry PI OS, Red Hat Enterprise […]

AWS Migration Framework

The AWS Migration framework is a definitive guide to migrating your on-premises applications and data to the cloud, including migrating workloads from the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) instances to other services on the AWS platform. The AWS Migration Framework provides an overview of migrating application components such as databases, web servers, middleware, and business logic. […]

AWS Migration Best Practices

There is a lot to think about when preparing for an AWS migration. A well-executed migration ensures business continuity, data security and reliable workloads if you face unexpected scenarios. Adopting AWS Migration best practices will help you avoid common pitfalls and keep your business running during migration. This guide provides an overview of migrating your […]

11 Aws Migration Challenges for Customers and How to Resolve Them

Migrating from legacy platforms to AWS will often come with its challenges. If the migration process is handled well, the likelihood is that most of these issues will not be performance-related. This article will explore some of the most common AWS migration challenges and potential solutions related to business goals.  How much to change AWS […]

AWS Control Tower: Helping you with your 5+ account strategy

AWS Control Tower You have started your cloud journey with AWS and are now moving beyond the proof of concept to begin testing the waters. It’s now time to go full-scale and rollout AWS to multiple teams across your organisation. You know you will need several accounts per team as everyone is using a dev, […]

AWS App Runner Gets a Killer Feature!

Back in May 2021, we published a blog on the benefits and drawbacks on AWS new container managed service, App Runner. Since then there have been incremental features to improve the service, but on 9th Feb 2022 – AWS released a feature that the community had been crying out for… Support for Amazon VPC Now […]

Top Announcements from Re:invent according to Mobilise

As regular as clockwork Amazon Web Services premier Re:invent conference rolls around again bringing with it a whole host of new services, upgrades and overall deluge of announcements. It’s very easy to feel inundated with everything that comes out from the week-long event, but fear not we have absorbed all the announcements and will bring […]

Amazon Textract

At Mobilise Cloud, we’re always trying to help our customers leverage cloud services to improve their digital services and drive value into their business processes. Sometimes, this requires us to demonstrate the art of the possible to get our customers thinking about where they could utilise cloud services and tooling within their business. Often this […]

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